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Priority Pet Boarding Service Inc. Succursale de Hawkesbury Ontario.  

Romeo the cat loves cuddling with her favorite cat sitter.

Romeo loves cuddling with her favorite cat sitter.

Pumpkin the orange tabby cat is sitting in a purse looking at another cat.

Pumpkin loves purses

pumpkin an orange tabby cat is sitting on a bed at Priority Pets.

Pumpkin is lucky to have this king bed all to herself. Spoiled kitty.

O'Malley the cat and Brianna the sitter is cuddling on a couch.

O'Malley always loves his Netflix time with Brianna.

Pandora the cat is taking a selfie with Salwa her pet sitter.

Pandora loves affection and taking a selfie. Purrfect day.

Marley an small white dog is sitting near the front door.

Marely is excited to go outside and play fetch

Misty is a handsome grey cat standing on a red couch

Misty has such beautiful eyes.

Destiny the cat waking up from a cat nap in a white blanket.  At Priority Pet Boarding Services.

Destiny is always in the mood for morning cuddles.

Mango loves her cuddles at Priority Pets

Mango loves getting brushed and receiving your daily attention of love and cuddles.

Marley a small white dog looking out at a window

Marley loves bird watching

A grey cat is sleeping on a cat sitter.

Misty loves the comfort of her sitter.

Destiny a grey cat looking at a computer screen

Destiny is hard at work today.

A grey bunny relaxing on a bed

Bunny is lucky to have this bed all to herself.

Destiny a grey cat

It is always a pleasure when you come back for a visit Destiny.

Bungie playing with his tunnel: Bunny Boarding: Priority Pet Boarding Services Inc.

Bungie loves playing hide and seek in his tunnel.

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